Marketing Tips for Lawyers to Create Valuable Legal Content

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Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers to Succeed in the Online Market

Define your content strategy

Content marketing for law firms is the first thing that needs to be planned out before you start blogging, and our agency can help. Content strategy is your overall gameplan, how often you want to post, what you want to post about, and how often you’ll post about different topics.

You should first determine what kind of content you want to be posting and how it will link back to your practice. For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney, you should be posting about different subcategories of personal injury. You wouldn’t want to post about a topic that your law firm doesn’t support. For example, if your law firm is solely a personal injury law firm, you wouldn’t want to deviate and write about criminal defense. Writing about a topic that doesn’t fit into your firm will confuse your audience and make your firm appear unreliable.

Delve into the different subcategories of your main practice and think about what type of cases your firm takes on the most. Then prioritize writing about those subcategories on your blog. For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney, you would likely want to prioritize articles about car accidents and slip and falls, as they’re much more common in most areas.

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Prioritize Content Based on Practice and Value to Your Firm

After planning what you want to write about, you should plan how often you’re going to write and post your blogs. Having a set calendar not only helps you stay on track but can help bring in an audience. Writing consistently proves reliability and that you follow through with your clients. Not only that, but writing consistently will help your website rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Prioritize Evergreen Content

When building out the content of your website, you should first focus on evergreen content. Evergreen content is search optimized content that will be continually relevant and fresh to readers over an extended period.

You should start with broader subjects, like “Orlando Car Accident Attorneys” and “Orlando Slip and Fall Attorneys” before diving into more niche subject areas. Content that isn’t evergreen, while still important, will only help with traffic for a short amount of time before readers are no longer interested in the topic.

Your main bulk of content should be evergreen, ensuring that it will always stay relevant. Another good tip is to go back and update your evergreen content every once in a while, adding new information and links to ensure that it stays relevant.

There’s no harm in writing additional content that isn’t evergreen, like “Winter Car Accidents” or even a write-up about an accident that occurred in the area recently. But your main priority, especially when you’re first starting to build up your blog, should be on evergreen content.

Hiring a law firm marketing agency is a sure way to keep your content fresh and updated.

Write for Your Audience

When writing your blog articles and planning your blog content for each month, you should always write with your audience in mind. Think about what your clients have been searching for most, what kinds of cases you’ve been taking on the most, and what information would be the most helpful to your audience. This will help guide sound keyword research to optimize your content for search engines. SEO (or search engine optimization) for law firms is critical since most clients are acquired through online searches.

Personal injury lawyer content marketing may focus more on car accidents and slips and falls, as those are often the most common cases that they bring on and therefore the most clients that visit their website. For criminal defense lawyer law firm content marketing, those topics would likely focus on DUI defense. It’s all about figuring out what your audience wants and writing to their needs. Once you begin to build your content out, you can check your analytics to see how things are performing. Write more about the topics that perform well and less about the ones that don’t.

Use Internal Links

Using internal links is a great way to give your readers more information or certain topics. Additionally, this strategy will keep users on your website. Internal links allow users to easily navigate through your website without having to go through menus or search bars. It makes it easier to find further information on the topics they’re already interested in reading.

Internal links also help to establish an informational hierarchy on your website. For example, on your main car accident page, you could link to other pages about car accidents. This allows you to delve deeper into more specific information from a general starting point. And internal links can help guide users toward the deeper inner structure of your website.

Site Social SEO - Use Internal Links to Build Information Hierarchy - Law Firm Attorney Content Marketing
Use Internal Links to Build an Informational Hierarchy

Internal linking establishes a honeycomb effect throughout your website, letting readers jump from place to place as they find information that interests them. When writing your blogs, you should keep in mind what links you want to include in that blog. Then, when you write, it’ll be much easier and smoother to introduce those links, rather than adding them after the fact.

Share on Social Media and Engage

Writing content on your website will help to attract people searching for that specific topic on the internet. However, you need to stretch your reach further than that by sharing your content on social media. There are many different social media options, and they all have different pros, cons, and uses.

Facebook is a catch-all type of social media where you can post updates for your business, share links to content you’ve written, and engage with your audience. Platforms like Twitter are also great for posting links to content and interacting with followers.

Creating a network where people can find your content is incredibly important in building up your firm as trustworthy and reliable. Engaging with your following is also a good idea as people can talk to the individuals behind the company. Facebook and Twitter are great places to answer follower’s questions after they’re asked. Engagement puts a face to your brand and lets potential clients see that you care about them. For customers looking to hire an attorney, this is a critical step to finding the right match.

Why Hire a Law Firm Content Marketing Agency?

When your firm begins to grow, it can be hard to keep track of everything all by yourself. Hiring a lawyer content marketing agency is the best step forward you can make for your law firm. We’ll handle your law firm’s content strategy and creation, content marketing, and social media. While you focus on working directly with your clients, we’ll focus on building up your audience and online presence. Need a new website or one that’s more responsive, we can take that on too.

What To Expect When You Contact Site Social SEO

Site Social SEO is a privately-owned small business operated out of Orlando, Florida. We have a small team of 6 people who are each managed by our two owners/lead strategists. We do not require contracts, make wild guarantees, or imply SEO is magic. It’s not; I can explain to you how everything we do will help your website and business. Contact us below for a free website evaluation or to learn more about our services. We look forward to helping you to grow your business so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

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Summary of tips for lawyers for creating valuable legal content.