Content Marketing Guide: How to Create Valuable Content That Actually Ranks Well Online

Content Marketing Guide - How to Create Valuable Content That Actually Ranks Well Online - Site Social SEO

Top Tips You Can Implement Today to Create Relevant Content For Your Website

As the mantra from Field of Dreams goes, “If you build it, they will come.” The same applies for organic traffic for your website. To attract new potential customers through organic traffic, you need to create content that will rank well online. For example, say you’re selling sneakers. You’d want to write blog content about the sneaker industry that people may search for. Maybe you’d write an article about the best selling sneakers of the year.

Someone will click on that article and read it. If they like your content, they’ll stick around and continue reading the blog articles you put out. This builds up brand reliability. All of a sudden, when they’re looking to buy sneakers, they’re going to turn to your brand, as they’ve been visiting your website over and over for information.

This method applies to anything (whether a service or a product) that you may be selling. So, it’s important to have good content as you want your audience to come back over and over again.

Research your topic

The first step in creating compelling content is crafting the idea and the outline for your piece. To do this, you’ll want to look at what’s trending. What are people searching for when it comes to the service or product you’re selling?

You can use services like Buzzsumo to check what’s trending, or you can look at highly ranked articles from your competitors to see what’s popular. Searching popular keywords and using the “people also ask” section of Google is a great way to get content ideas.

And of course, you can write about what you want to write about, as long as you ensure that it ties into your brand and can be optimized for search engines.

Find an article that already ranks well for inspiration

After you’ve found the topic you want to write about, plug it into Google or another search engine. See if anyone else has written about it. If they have, pull up the top three sources and look at what they’ve written.

Look at how they’ve structured their article and use it to your advantage. Don’t plagiarize, as that can penalize your site, but feel free to take inspiration from the competition. Make sure to add more up-to-date information and statistics, as well as information that’s relevant to your brand specifically.

Do keyword research

There are so many free keyword research tools available for your use, like:

Keyword research is important as it allows you to figure out what your audience is searching for and what words you should include in your articles. If you’re struggling to come with an idea for your blog article, you can pick out keywords and build a topic around them instead of thinking of a topic first.

Outline content for clear organization

SEO Minion is a free browser extension that allows you to see and download a page’s headers easily. It would be best if you used this tool when building out the outlines for your articles. Looking at the first 3-5 competitors’ articles will help you figure out how to structure your own.

Don’t be afraid to take ideas (and repurpose them/rewrite them) from other blogs for your own use. If their article ranks high, it means they did something right. SEO Minion can help you download those headers, change them, and organize them so you can create content that will rank in online searches.

(Extra! Extra!) Write a compelling headline

Use tools like Headline Studio by CoSchedule to write a title that really pops. The title is what makes people want to click on your article and read it. If the headline doesn’t pop, they’re probably going to skip past it to something that looks more exciting.

It’s also important to remember to include the keyword you’re trying to rank for in your header, so the search engines know that the blog content you create is relevant to what they’re looking for.

Choose images that add value to your content

Use Unsplash to find great images to add to your articles. The best part? They’re free. Make sure to add alt-tags when using images within your website, as Google and other search engines will index those and see how your images are relevant to the content you create, therefore helping you rank higher.

If you’re writing an article for your dog grooming business, you would want to add an alt tag that not only explains the picture but adds keywords you’re trying to rank for. While “Sitting Dog” is a fine alt-tag, “Dog Waiting on Bath and Groom” is better.

Write your content using an SEO writing tool

To keep track of your writing and make sure that you’re using the right amount of keywords, correct grammar, good spelling, and meeting your word count, you should use an SEO writing tool. The following are all great options:

  • SEM Rush Writing Assistant
  • Click Flow Content Editor
  • Yoast Real-time Content Analysis tool
  • Grammarly (to make sure there are no errors within your work)

Share your content on social media

You must share the content you write on your blog on social media. Sharing your content on social media will push your blog to a wider reach while reminding your audience that you’re a consistent source of valuable information.

Follow up with your content

Content creation is not a one-and-done situation. Content creation is ongoing. You must revisit the content you’ve created consistently, updating it, adding more internal and external links, adding new statistics, and removing outdated information.

The more you follow up with your content and make it better as time goes on, the better it will rank. Google prefers fresh content, so when you edit a post, it updates the date, making it seem like a recent post in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Too much on your plate already? Hire a content marketer to build and execute a content strategy.

If you have too much on your plate, you should consider hiring a content marketing agency to help you execute your content marketing strategy. At Site Social SEO, we work with our clients to determine exactly what they need for SEO, content management, website maintenance, and more.

For more information, please contact us online or at 407-712-0494. Let us work on your content to focus on working on what’s important, your products and services.