Say it with humor: How to use memes in your content marketing

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Over the last several decades, memes have become more and more present across the internet. You can’t log on to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok without seeing at least one meme. The best part is, there are memes for everyone. Everyone has different comedic tastes, and because there are so many people making memes, there’s a meme for all tastes. Moreover, using memes and comedy in content marketing are not new strategies.

In fact, many big brands have been doing it for years. Not only does it show that your brand is human and capable of connecting on a higher level than just business, but it also can increase brand loyalty.

People love Wendys and Netflix for their ability to make sassy comments on Twitter. It draws in more of an audience, and it’s easy to do. The ability to make someone laugh builds a strong bond, one that customers won’t ignore.

How memes benefit your content marketing strategy

Memes are great for many things, include laughs, but they’ll also increase your overall engagement, entertain your audience, and they’re easy to create. The use of memes in your marketing strategy can also help you to develop an online presence.

Social media marketing

Say it with humor: How to use memes in your content marketing
Memes can easily be created by just using a funny photo or relevant image. Add a caption and you’re done.

A key element of content marketing is social media marketing. Not everyone will go to your website to see the content that you’re producing. Sharing it on social media is a great way to expand your reach and engage with your audience. However, when your audience isn’t engaging with your regular content, it may be time to try something new.

Engagement and entertainment

Wendys Meme - Say it with humor: How to use memes in your content marketing
Wendy’s routinely kills it with their memes on social media. They range from funny and cute, to creative and savage.

If you find that you’re not getting a lot of interaction on social media, you may want to try using comedy and memes as a way to get your engagement up. People are more likely to interact with a post that they find funny over a post talking about your business.

On top of that, you’ll also have more people sharing your content, saying, “Look at what this company did! How funny!”

Memes will also bring a lightness to your brand that you may have been missing previously. Again, keeping in touch with that element of, “Hey, we’re human.”

Great examples of companies using memes in their content marketing

There are so many different examples of meme marketing across the internet. Some more effective than others. One of our personal injury clients, Brent Sibley, uses memes on Instagram to attract more followers and potential clients.

As a personal injury attorney, he shares content related to cars, bikes, and trucks, as well as memes that he happens to find funny. A great example is this meme:


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A post shared by Brent Sibley (@bsibs305)

Posted with permission from @bsibs305

Barkbox, a company that sells dog toys, treats, and other dog-related items, is also known for its use of memes. In this post, they highlighted an item that they were selling with a meme they created themselves. The picture was even taken by one of their clients.


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From Instagram user @BarkBox

Tips for creating memes as part of your content marketing strategy

If you’re new to the world of memes, meme marketing may seem daunting. You may not think that you’re funny or capable of creating a good meme, but that’s not true. Within the world of memes, there are meme formats. This refers to the act of taking a photo or a set of photos that already exists and adding your own captions to it. In this case, for meme marketing or social media marketing.

Use a meme generator website

You don’t have to be a pro at photoshop to be able to create good memes. There are many different websites that you can use specifically for crafting memes for your social media content.

Various websites will let you choose from existing meme formats and allow you to add text, such as:

Make a popular meme your own

Use popular and circulating meme formats to create your own personal spin on current trends. Using current and trending formats will help your business to seem current and trendy.

Look at memes that use the same format before you create your own to get the vibe of the meme right. Some memes follow a specific format, using some standard text and only replacing a few words.

Meme marketing will be the most effective when memes are used correctly, so do your research on what else is out there before creating your own with a specific format. Find what works for your brand and roll with it.

Keep your brand in mind

When adding memes to your social media content, you want to keep your brand strategy and message in mind. Don’t post anything that doesn’t align with your core brand message or your values.

For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney, you wouldn’t want to post anything that doesn’t connect to personal injury law. Research big brands and their content marketing strategy, pay attention to how memes work for them. Notice how they never stretch too far away from their brand and what they’re selling.

So what’s your content strategy?

If you don’t have a content strategy, Site Social SEO can help you develop one. We can also help with content marketing, social media marketing, meme marketing, web design, and more.

Let us plan your content strategy so you can focus on what’s most important, working with your clients or customers.

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