5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2022 - Site Social SEO

In the past few years, we’ve experienced a whirlwind of change when it comes to digital marketing. With the pandemic still raging on, consumers are wearier than ever before. The first few weeks of 2022 have struck us with major deja vu, with cancellations occurring all over the United States at the peak of Omicron. Amid the pandemic chaos, business owners have been faced with labor shortages, supply chain issues, and so much more.

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Marketing Dive found that customers are more likely to be open to change during this time. However, customers are pickier, setting higher standards for the products and services that they choose to purchase.

During this time, it’s important for leaders to embrace emerging technologies and new strategies that can help put them at the forefront of the industry. 2022 is the year of content, with influencer marketing and user-generated content stepping up in a big way. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these five new digital marketing trends to upgrade your marketing strategy in 2022.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been popular over the last few years, but it’s shifting in a major way in 2022. With more and more small-time content creators making brand deals, influencer marketing is a match for any budget. Micro-influencers, or influencers who have more than a normal person’s follower count, but less than celebrities (the 10k to 100k range) make it easy for potential customers to connect with your product or service.

Sometimes large influencers miss the mark, and regular people don’t want to purchase recommendations from big celebrities they don’t trust. However, micro-influencers are seen as more down-to-earth, more like regular people, making them more relatable and potentially more profitable for your business.

By working with smaller creators, you can also benefit from their rise in popularity. With the help of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, small creators can gain traction fast. By working with rising talent, your outreach can increase drastically.

2. User-Generated Content

We’re not steering away from social media yet. User-generated content is another trend you should invest in this year. While influencer marketing is a great place to start, encouraging unpaid, user-generated content can help to catch the attention of customers who don’t trust a sponsored post.

Gen Z and Millennials tend to be less trusting of brands overall when compared to older generations. However, they’re the dominant age group on these types of social media platforms. No longer are social media scrollers looking for a perfect brand. Instead, they’re looking for authenticity and personality.

Not only should you encourage your customers to generate content, but you should promote their content on your feed. Showing content that’s made by users of your product will help to showcase your product in the wild (uncontrolled by photo editing, stylists, and more), allowing your customers to see a more authentic and realistic view of what you’re selling.

3. Playing Off Nostalgia

Nostalgia is an important feeling to play off in your marketing strategy, especially now. With the pandemic still going, people like to look back on better, simpler times. By invoking these feelings of nostalgia, you may draw in more customers—especially those yearning for the past.

Nostalgia evokes a feeling of positivity and optimism in people, one of the many reasons it makes for a great marketing tactic. To add a bit of a throwback into your marketing campaign, use music that feels reminiscent of years past or retro colors and old, recognizable toys.

Sometimes it can be tricky to evoke nostalgia without diving into copyright claims, but you can do it by referring to past years in a more broad sense. Set decoration and theming really lend a helpful hand in these cases.

4. Mixed Reality

With the birth of the Metaverse, Facebook’s new virtual world that allows people to exist in a virtual world, whether it’s augmented reality or virtual reality, mixed reality has become increasingly popular amongst marketing professionals. Augmented reality is especially popular as of late, with many brands advertising through Snapchat or Instagram filters. This means that whenever someone goes to use a filter, they’ll always see the brand.

These sponsored or brand-created filters are fun, evoking brand recognition and promoting personality. However, there are many ways to advertise through mixed reality, many of which are just coming to the surface in 2022.

This type of experimental advertising is also popular at events or for use in demos. There are so many applicable options that we’re just learning about. While we don’t know a ton about how mixed reality will join with marketing this year, this is definitely a trend to keep your eye on.

5. Short-Form Video

Short-form videos were huge in 2021 and show no signs of slowing this year. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram still hold huge ground in this area. The great thing about these platforms is their versatility. They can be used for user-generated content, influencer marketing, and creating content of your own.

There are many brands that have created a solid presence on these platforms, like Duolingo. Duolingo posts creative and funny content that connects with viewers without being too in your face. Short-form video allows brands to showcase their personality and have some fun, while also attracting views.

The great thing about TikTok and Instagram Reels is that you can start from zero and create a huge following without having to pay a cent. You just have to make quality content that is relatable, funny, or interesting.

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