Newest Google Algorithm Update: How Will the Helpful Content Update Affect My Website?

In order to retrieve information from its giant codex, Google uses algorithms. When a new page or blog is published, Google “indexes” it, meaning that the information is added to this store of knowledge. However, in order to pull this information when a user performs a search, an algorithm is used.

Algorithms look for phrases and keywords that match the search inquiry. The aim of these algorithms is to provide the most helpful information possible for searchers. By improving these algorithms, Google can continue to provide searchers with the most relevant and helpful information.

By staying up to date on the changes to these algorithms (called core updates), you can be certain that you’re always creating content that is relevant to Google’s current algorithm. Therefore, your content will be pulled more for searches and may rank higher.

Site Social SEO & Google Updates

After the September 2023 update, Site Social SEO saw a small decrease in traffic to certain keywords. However, these keywords eventually recovered through the month as we adapted and changed our content to fit the new updates. For example, we shifted our focus more to double EAT (E-E-A-T) and people-first content.

At Site Social SEO, we keep our ear to the ground when it comes to these kinds of updates. We always ensure that we’re creating content and maintaining websites in accordance with Google’s algorithms in order to provide our clients with the most success.

The Newest Google Algorithm Update: September 2023 Helpful Content Update

The newest broad core algorithm update was released in September of 2023. Google titled this update the “Helpful Content Update.” This update is designed to improve the quality of search results, helping searchers find the information they need without having to sift through irrelevant information.

Here are some of the key changes made in the September 2023 Helpful Content Update:

  • Because Google focuses more heavily on people-first content, this update has improved the search engine’s ability to identify content that was created purely for rankability rather than to help and educate users. Content written primarily for ranking is often thin, irrelevant, and unoriginal. This content may be created by AI, but it’s possible that it’s created by humans, too.
  • In E-E-A-T, the letters stand for experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. This new update improved Google’s ability to rank content that is written by experts or those with experience, favoring content with a personal point of view or anecdotal evidence. The algorithm reinforces Google’s preference for content written by knowledgeable authority figures in their industries.
  • Google also removed some terminology from their guidance. While originally they stated that they wanted to see “helpful content written by people, for people, in search results,” they now state that they want to see “helpful content created for people in search results.” The removal of the term by people is an obvious loosening of the guidelines regarding AI content.

The Helpful Content Update’s Impact on Sites

The September 2023 Helpful Content Update is expected to have a significant impact on many websites. Those that publish high-quality, helpful content are likely to see their rankings improve.

However, websites that post content specifically to rank higher may see a decline if that content doesn’t also focus on the new EEAT guidelines and the importance of people-first content.

Here are some tips for the September 2023 Helpful Content Update:

  • Review content and ensure that it is informative and helpful to readers. You should remove or rewrite thin content.
  • Ensure that your content is written by an expert or from an expert’s point of view.
  • Avoid creating content primarily for ranking well in search engines.
  • Focus on creating high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your content is helpful, Site Social SEO is here to help. We specialize in writing content that is people-first, helpful, informative, and centered on double EAT standards. You can also use Google’s Search Console to receive feedback on your content.

How to Prepare for the Newest Google Algorithm Update

To prepare for this update, you should take a look at your content as a whole. If you find content that is short, unhelpful, or irrelevant, you should update it in accordance with these guidelines.

You should also look at your content that is currently performing well and see if there’s any room for improvement alongside this update. For example, this may inspire you to add additional information that focuses on experience and authority.

If this sounds overwhelming, a content marketing firm (say, Site Social SEO) can help you perform an audit of your on-page content. We’ll help you determine where to add or cut content to prepare your website for this incoming update.

Past Google Algorithm Updates: 2022-23

August 2023 Broad Core Update

  • Released: August 22, 2023.
  • Focus: Improve content assessment. Can affect page rankings both ways.
  • Completion: September 7, 2023.
  • Guidance was available for impacted sites.

April 2023 Review Update

  • Released: April 12, 2023.
  • Focus: Algorithmic updates for product/service reviews.
  • They noted high volatility during the rollout.
  • Aim: Improve user experience and search rankings for reviews.
  • Quality review guidelines were provided.

March 2023 Broad Core Update

  • Released: March 15, 2023.
  • Focus: Improve content assessment across all content types and languages.
  • No specific targeting. Pages may see changed rankings.
  • Emphasis on E-E-A-T signals for quality content.

February 2023 Product Reviews Update

  • Released: February 21 to March 18, 2023.
  • Focus: Affects product reviews in multiple global languages.
  • Encourages high-quality review content.

December 2022 Link Spam Update

  • Released: December 14, 2022 to January 12, 2023.
  • Focus: Addressing link spam using SpamBrain.
  • Aim: Neutralize unnatural link gains. Emphasize valuable content.

December 2022 Helpful Content Update

  • Released: December 5, 2022.
  • Focus: Reward helpful content and penalize low-quality/spammy content.
  • Global update. Importance of creating relevant, helpful content.

October 2022 Spam Update

  • Released: October 19, 2022.
  • Focus: Reduce SERP spam globally.
  • Targets link and content spam. Fast 48-hour rollout.

September 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update

  • Released: September 20, 2022.
  • Focus: Improve the trustworthiness of product reviews.
  • Currently, English-only, but there are plans for an expansion in the future.

September 2022 Core Update

  • Released: September 12, 2022.
  • Focus: Broad core update impacting global languages.
  • Emphasis on user experience and helpful content.

August 2022 Helpful Content System Update

  • Released: August 25, 2022.
  • Focus: Improve the quality and relevance of helpful content.
  • Uses sitewide signals for content assessment.

July 2022 Product Reviews Update

  • Released: July 27 to August 2, 2022.
  • Focus: Emphasizing helpful content in product reviews.
  • Quick 6-day rollout.

May 2022 Core Update

  • Released: May 25 to June 9, 2022.
  • Focus: Improved user experience and search relevance.
  • Regularly occurring broad update.

March 2022 Product Reviews Update

  • Released: March 23 to April 11, 2022.
  • Focus: Enhance the relevance and quality of product reviews.
  • Rewards detailed, tested product reviews.

February 2022 Google Page Experience (Desktop)

  • Released: February 22, 2022.
  • Focus: Page experience in desktop ranking, building on 2021’s mobile update.
  • Core Web Vital metrics central to page experience.

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