Website Design Services 

Websites Designed Specifically For SEO


Consult with me about what you want, design concepts you like (colors, styles, fonts), and features you need.


Once we're both clear on a concept, I will design the site start to finish. Including, images, data, content, online store, etc.


Once I format your site for optimal search engine performance, and get your final approval, the site will go live with your unique URL.

Why is the design of my website important?

Having a functional and beautiful website is critical to obtaining and retaining clients. New customers use it to find your business and old customers come back to keep buying or using your services. Anyone can pop a quick website onto the web these days, but will it look professional, be optimized for search engines, respond well on mobile devices, and convert customers?  


Your website defines your business on the internet. As far as clients are concerned, if the website looks unprofessional, your business is unprofessional. You could have the best crab cakes in Florida, but that won't matter if your website turned the customer away before they even made in your restaurant. Because of this, you must use your website to control what people learn about your business. Not just what the website says, but how it looks, behaves, and function. 


Your website is also the one portion of the internet that you can directly influence regarding SEO.

But what contributes to a well-functioning website? The answer is a long one, but the short of it is:

design, structure, function, and content. 

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